BlackOut Flower 保鮮花 x Pura Vida 純素朱古力禮盒

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【 BlackOut Flower 保鮮花 x Pura Vida 純素朱古力禮盒】
我地聯同本地健康素食品牌 Pura Vida 合作推出保鮮花 x 純素朱古力,靚靚花盒放咗9件朱古力,啱哂平時每款口味都想試一啖既女朋友!
• 抹茶燕麥柚子朱古力
• 花生醬紅莓朱古力
• 櫻桃椰子白朱古力
• 果仁柚子朱古力
• 黑森林朱古力
• 開心果燕麥黑朱古力
• 椰子燕麥紅莓朱古力
• 果仁黑朱古力

📌自取: 葵芳工作室
🚚送貨: 送貨費$100



For that special Valentine’s gift this year, we’re offering a unique selection of handmade gourmet Pura Vida products like energy balls and granola clusters all coated in premium Valrhona chocolate – a healthier treat with a touch of decadence. These treats come in an elegant gift box and are perfectly paired with a beautiful flower bouquet, making this the perfect artisanal gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s.

Each gift box consists of 9 handmade chocolate treats in a variety of unique flavors below:
* Matcha Granola Cluster in Yuzu Chocolate
* Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball in Raspberry Chocolate
* Cherry Coconut Ball in White Chocolate
* Mixed Nut Cluster in Yuzu Chocolate
* Black Forest Ball in Dark Chocolate
* Rose Pistachio Granola Cluster in Dark Chocolate
* Coconut Granola in Raspberry Chocolate
* Mixed Nut Cluster in Dark Chocolate



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